Ernie and others have been debating when a blog written by a lawyer should be considered a law blog. My most recent column, Many ‘Blawgs’ Provide Practical Information, comes at this question from a slightly different angle, attempting to highlight some of the Web logs of greatest practical value to lawyers. My focus is on blogs that deliver news and commentary on topics related to particular practice areas or to the practice of law in general. I was inspired to write the column when, at the close of a seminar I chaired recently that covered, among other topics, legal Web logs, a lawyer from the audience approached me and said, “I can see the amusement value in these things, but I can’t see how they are of any use in a law practice.” Web logs written by lawyers can be of value for many reasons. But I believe that lawyers as lawyers (as opposed to lawyers as movie buffs or sports fans or political junkies) will first be attracted to blogs that provide news and information they can use in their day-to-day practice of law. For the most part, these will be blogs focusing on specialty areas.