Dennis Kennedy manages today to both honor me and make me feel like an old geezer with his post The Curse of the New in the Blogging World. His comments about me aside, Dennis makes a thoughtful and all-too-accurate point, which I will paraphrase this way: In our rush to blog (and to out-blog each other), the act of reporting becomes more important than the subject of our reporting. Blogs arrive on the scene with great fanfare as their announcements spread like viruses through the blog network. Some prove themselves to warrant the fanfare, but others soon fizzle out — much more quietly than they arrived.

But what, Dennis asks, of the veterans, “those who have earned their chops.” He cites Sabrina Pacifici’s beSpacific, and in my mind he could not have chosen a better example. Sabrina’s blog is the best there is, by far. What makes it so is her steady, consistent focus on news of true value and application to legal professionals. Dennis, taking a cue from my recent listings of five-star sites, will himself inaugurate a feature where he will “highlight the core legal blogs that meet my definition of excellence.” I, for one, will follow his posts religiously.

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