Blog makes a case for litigation ‘reform’

If you like Web logs with a distinct point of view, then check out Sponsored by the Manhattan Institute and edited by the person who also brings you, the point of view here is decidedly anti-ATLA. As an unabashed believer that tort lawyers wear white hats, I find much here to disagree with. But, disagree though I may, I know a thoughtful, thorough and well-executed blog when I see it, and this is one.

Editor Walter K. Olson, described by Investor’s Business Daily as “perhaps America’s leading authority on over-litigation,” and managing editor James R. Copland, director of the Manhattan Insitute’s Center for Legal Policy, produce what is more like an online magazine than a simple blog. In addition to the blog, the site includes a monthly featured discussion on topics that have included judicial elections, medical malpractice liability, contingency fees, and federal gun lawsuit legislation. There is also a library of articles on tort reform, a bibliography and links to legal news and other “legal reform” sites.