In it simplest form, a blog is nothing more than a frequently updated Web page. So what is the line that divides Web page from blog? It is a question Bruce W. Marcus, publisher of The Marcus Letter, asks in his most recent article, Sez Who? Sez Me.The New World Of Blogging. Marcus has been publishing his regularly updated Web site since 1998, leading him to ponder:

“An inevitable question is whether The Marcus Letter is a blog or a straightforward web site or an online magazine. By traditional standards, probably not a blog. Started in 1998, following several years as a printed newsletter, its readership is probably larger than any other publication’s in professional services marketing, but it’s not about news, nor is it the simple how-to found so widely elsewhere – it’s about thinking – about getting to the essence of professional services marketing. And yes, it is a blog, because it represents mostly my personal views and experience, and because it’s updated on no fixed schedule. But whether The Marcus Letter is a blog or not doesn’t really matter. It’s what it is, for your enjoyment and edification.”

It is what it is. Yeah, maybe that’s a good way to describe a blog.