I saw so many news reports and blog posts earlier this week about the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s new Legal Guide for Bloggers that I thought I’d skip mentioning it here. Then today I read through it. I was impressed. It covers a broad-enough range of issues to make it a useful resource not just for bloggers, but also for journalists and almost anyone with questions about issues such as online defamation, fair use, privacy and ISP liability.

EFF’s legal guide is a collection of FAQs addressing bloggers’ legal rights in a number of areas, including libel law, copyright law and political advocacy. EFF staff attorney Kurt Opsahl, who coordinated the project, says EFF will continue to add to the guide over the next several months. If you are looking to answer a question about the law as it relates to blogging, this is a good place to start.

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  • I attended the seminar at which you lectured recently on Advanced Internet Strategies for the NH Legal Professional. I just wanted to comment that I thought it was extremely interesting and I learned a considerable amount. Thank you for sharing your experience.