In the news: Microsoft acquires Onfolio. And here is Microsoft’s announcement.

I have mixed feelings about this. I have used Onfolio for close to a year as my RSS aggregator and Web file cabinent. It integrates nicely as a plug-in for Firefox and lets me easily browse news feeds and capture full or partial Web pages. Microsoft has now already integrated Onfolio to the Windows Live Toolbar. I hope that does not mean Onfolio is en route to losing its value as a standalone product.

  • Dave Rakowski

    Hi Robert:

    According to the FAQ on their website, it already has lost a great deal of its usefulness:

  • Anonymous

    Onfolio integrated with Live Toolbar has wiped out Onfolio with Firefox and Maxthon. I installed th Windows Live toolbar which requires me to uninstall Onfolio. I lost Onfolio on the other browsers. Luckily, I saved the exe file for Onfolio– the one I PAID for.

  • Yes, so far I’ve avoided the Live toolbar and hung onto Onfolio. I suspect the lack of support and upgrades will become a problem at some point. Any suggestions for a suitable replacement?

  • wes

    I lost all my cookies extensions etc in Firefox, but managed to hang on to version 1.07, but now the onfolio tools don’t appear in Firefox so I am stuck. Any suggestions anyone?