Thank you to everyone who pointed out that my Web site and blogs disappeared this morning. Something went wrong with my ISP. The best information I could obtain came from its Web site, which said, “We’re currently experiencing issues with customer websites being served correctly.” Thanks, but I knew that.

This the second time in a week my Web site disappeared. The first time, it shut me down after failing to notify me that the credit card I had on file had expired. When a customer service rep insisted I had been sent notice, he at first could find no record of it then claimed to have found an e-mail sent to a long-discontinued e-mail address. When I pointed out that I had revised my e-mail contact info some time ago and received many e-mails from the company at my correct address, he explained that cancellation notices were sent from a different server that had never been updated with my correct information.

Because the company is headquartered in my home state of Massachusetts, I tried to contact the general counsel to suggest that he have his company review its policies and practices. He never responded to me.

I have been with the company, BlueDomino, since 2001, with only occasional and minor problems. It, in the meantime, has been through at least one and perhaps multiple changes of ownership. I hate to contemplate changing my ISP, but I’m not I have a choice any longer.

So, any suggestions?

And it would be nice if the ISP also offers pre-installed WordPress, because it may also be time for me to move off Blogger.