Legal supplies and services company BlumbergExcelsior today announced the launch of Law Site Builder, a low-cost Web site development and hosting service for small- and medium-sized firms. Using a selection of pre-designed templates, Blumberg will create a Web site of up to 10 pages for a flat fee of $350 and then host it for a monthly fee of $75. Hosting includes e-mail with 10 addresses and an hour a month of telephone support. You can view the available templates at the Blumberg site.

For additional licensing fees, law firms can include content on their sites from Blumberg’s client pamphlets. I first wrote about these pamphlets in my July 2000 column, Help in Managing Your Law Practice. Written by lawyer and legal-marketing consultant Michael L. Goldblatt, the 22 pamphlets cover business and personal legal issues and range in topics from protecting intellectual property to estate planning with a living trust. A sample pamphlet can be seen at Goldblatt’s site, Marketing Pamphlets. Of course, you can buy the pamphlets without the Web site, in either print or electronic format.