Peter Shankman, founder of The Geek Factory, on the future of public relations (as reported by Andrew Ratner at

  • The press release will die.
  • Better yet, kill it. Instead, have your CEO write a blog.
  • Transparency is good.
  • Facebook will become ubiquitous.
  • News tickers will be replaced by personal lifestreams.

Interesting ideas. And then there’s this closer, taken from Ratner’s report:

Shankman recounted that on the train from New York to Baltimore, an attorney seated across from him was loud and indiscreet on his cell phone, describing in detail his clients’ financial woes. As the attorney talked, Shankman says he turned his laptop camera in the guy’s direction, and then downloaded the live feed via Twitter. As the lawyer talked, hundreds of people watched and commented on what he was saying and doing and he wasn’t even aware. … In the world Shankman describes — and believes will arrive sooner rather than later — everyone has a camera, blog or Twitter link and isn’t afraid to use it.