TechnoLawyer just published the latest in its YouLaw series of lawyer video critiques: My Law Firm Is Better Than Your Law Firm. I am a member of the YouLaw “back bench,” which means I get to add a quick comment at the end to supplement Gerry Oginski’s in-depth review.

Another in the series was published on Feb. 9: Read My Lips (Since My Video Didn’t Sync Properly).

Us back-benchers do not see Oginski’s review or each others’ comments before they are published. It has been interesting over the course of this series to see how our comments compare. More often than not, we agree with each other. I would love to hear your thoughts on these videos.

  • Hi Bob- what makes it even more interesting is that once I submit my review, I don’t see the comments by the “Back Bench” until the post goes live.

    I look forward to reading the commentary as well as you do!