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An iPad equipped with the right software could be a powerful tool in the courtroom, given its portability and ease of use. A new iPad app, TrialPad, is specifically designed for use in the courtroom, as a tool to prepare and present electronic evidence at trial. Connect your iPad to a courtroom projector and use TrialPad […]

After my earlier post about Demand Media, I received a comment from a Demand Media community manager who said that the contract I cited is not the contract that applies to bloggers. I went back and checked the contract that was presented to me when I was invited to migrate my BlogBurst account to Demand. […]

[See my update about this: Clarification on Demand Media: Two Contracts.] Way back in 2006, I accepted an invitation to enroll this blog in something called the BlogBurst Network. It described itself as “a syndication service that places blogs on top-tier online destinations.” Those destinations included several major newspapers, such as the Houston Chronicle, San […]

Ever wonder why someone who is in the business of selling court opinions would want to support a project that is devoted to giving them away for free? I have the answer to that question from Ed Walters, CEO of Fastcase. As I wrote here earlier today, beginning in January, Fastcase will collaborate with Public.Resource.Gov to […]

The next revolution in legal publishing is just around the corner. Starting in 2011, Public.Resource.Org, an organization devoted to putting government documents in the public domain, will begin a weekly release of HTML versions of all slip and final opinions of the appellate and supreme courts of all 50 states and the federal government. The […]

Google this week announced a new visualization tool called the Google Books Ngram Viewer. Using data drawn from the millions of books it has digitized covering the years 1500 to 2008, it lets you see and compare the frequency of words and phrases as they were used in books over a span of years or […]

Four companies that offer legal-oriented products and services through the cloud have banded together to form the Legal Cloud Computing Association. LCCA’s purpose, according to its announcement, “is to promote standards for cloud computing that are responsive to the needs of the legal profession and to enable lawyers to become aware of the benefits of computing […]

OK, maybe I exaggerated about the “fun” part, but here is a chance to double your charitable impact this holiday season and promote the delivery of legal services to needy individuals and families, all at the same time. If you donate any amount up to $50 to the Massachusetts Bar Foundation between now and Dec. […]