This week’s episode of our legal-affairs podcast Lawyer2Lawyer explores the topic of cyberbullying and the law. Just recently, 15-year old student Phoebe Prince from South Hadley, Mass., took her own life after she was subjected to constant cyberbullying by a group of students at her school. Phoebe’s story is one of many that has left communities reeling, schools in the hot seat and parents enraged by the lack of protection of their children and a lack of discipline against the perpetrators.

My co-host J. Craig Williams and I welcome David T. Tirella, partner at the Tampa, Fla., firm Eaton, Powell & Tirella and a consumer and child advocate who helped bring about enactment of an anti-bullying law in Florida, and Debbie Johnston, founder of Students For Safer Schools and mother of Jeffrey Johnston, a Florida teen who killed himself after becoming the target of cyberbullying. We discuss the latest in cyberbulling prevention, legislation against cyberbullying and what to do if your child becomes a victim.

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