I have moved my Media Law blog from its old address to this new one: http://medialaw.legaline.com. Anyone who subscribes to the feed for that blog will have to update their subscriptions to this new feed address: http://medialaw.legaline.com/feeds/posts/default.

As I’ve posted here and here, I have been pondering what to do about my blogs given the news that Blogger is shutting down FTP support. I wrote last week that I would probably shut down the Media Law blog. Needless to say, I’ve changed my mind and will keep it operating.

It is still running on Blogger. Rick Klau and his team there provided a migration tool for moving off of FTP publishing that made it fairly easy. All the old links now redirect to the new blog. The biggest loss will come in RSS subscribers, who will have to change the feed link to continue getting new posts.

As for this blog, I will be moving it to WordPress. I will post more about the move in a week or so. Suffice to say that I have some very exciting news related to the move.

  • I have not tested this method for your exact situation, but I would explore the idea of using a 301 Redirect to redirect your old feed address to your new feed address. Employing such a redirect may make the site migration seamless for your RSS subscribers. You can find a 301 Redirect tutorial on my blog, here. A well targeted Google search, however, may lead to a tutorial that is more "on point" for your exact situation.