In two recent posts here, I explored which online lawyer directories get the most traffic. (Popular Legal Directories, Ranked by Traffic and Legal Directory Rankings: An Alternate View.) Using two different ranking sources, and, I concluded that the top four sites are,, and, although their order of ranking differed depending on the source.

Perhaps those numbers will now change. Today, — which is owned by LexisNexis and is the consumer-targeted companion to legal directory — kicks off a major TV ad campaign designed to drive up its traffic. The ad will run on major networks such as ESPN, Comedy Central, The History Channel and CNN. The ad features actress S. Epatha Merkerson, best known for her role as NYPD Lt. Anita Van Buren on the long-running TV crime drama Law & Order.

Below is the ad.

  • Hi Bob,

    This TV attempt by is much better than their previous crack at it.

    While directory traffic is undoubtedly part of the equation, where and how a lawyer appears in the directory is equally, if not more important.

    Here are some additional things lawyers should consider before diving into these high traffic directories:

    Use Google to check the directory’s rankings for various high volume legal keywords—the ones you think your clients may use. This will provide a very rough estimate of how much traffic the directory receives.

    View the current directory listings for law firms in your fields of practice and geographic location. How many listings are there? Keep in mind that the more listings that appear, the more “buried” your listing may become.

    What information do the listings contain? Do they provide contact information including a phone number, email, and website link? Is the contact information unique to the listing for easy tracking?

    Contact an existing directory subscriber that is “similarly situated” to your firm. Ask them how many visitors, leads, and new clients the directory has produced for their firm in a given time period. Determine the per visitor, per lead, and per client acquisition costs.

    • Since most prospective clients don’t know what directories exist in the legal field, the first thing they’ll do (when seeking legal assistance) is go to their favorite search engine and type something like “divorce attorney, bakersfield”.

      Ranking high in those searches is what determines the fate of law firms, today. This is trending up, not down, so each attorney needs to act with that in mind.

  • I agree with Craig, although there is an equivalent in the UK called Wigster which acts as a price comparison site as well. They’ve run local ad campaigns on TV with moderate success but consumers will still type in “Divorce lawyer Brentwood” before anything else.