Tickle Your Clients from the Cloud with NotifyWorks

Elephants never forget. Unfortunately, attorneys and clients sometimes do. Consider the new web service NotifyWorks a virtual elephant for the law office. It remembers to remind your clients of important events that they otherwise might miss.

Say, for example, you represent a small business in negotiating a commercial lease that contains an option to renew that must be exercised by a certain date. Enter the information in NotifyWorks and it will automatically send the reminder to your client. For busy transactional lawyers, this can eliminate a lot of follow-up. If you have standard forms of reminders you send frequently, you can create and store templates.

How is this different than your current tickler system? In theory, the difference is that you can enter the information once and be done with it. With your tickler system, you enter the reminder and then later, when the reminder date arrives, you take the action. (I say “in theory” because, even with NotifyWorks, a cautious lawyer may still want to follow-up with the client directly, or at least check back with NotifyWorks to be sure it did what it was supposed to do.)

The service is priced as a subscription, at the rate of either $29 a month or $299 a year. The company was founded by Rush Nigut, an Iowa business and trial lawyer and author of the blog Rush on Business.