I don’t understand why lawyers think denigrating themselves and the profession is an effective marketing tool. Like the Nilan Johnson video I wrote about before, here is an attempt at humor that fails miserably. Lawyer as shakedown bully? Is that really the image this guy wants to present? I guess so, given this video and his URL of bullylawyer.com.

  • Wow. Portraying yourself as someone nobody likes. This is most likely a ‘look at me’ strategy — one that’s designed to get his name in the mindspace of his target audience rather than conveying a serious message. Hopefully it’s a short run that will be followed with some more appealing ads.

    In our society where any attention is good attention (see: Kardashian, Kim, et. al.), there are folks out there who don’t care how they appear, as long as they are on people’s minds.

    We should monitor whether this works for this lawyer. It might.

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  • Whatever message you’re selling, whichever kind of customer you’ll get.

  • robert

    This lawyer ad makes us all look bad. It is untrue and is harming the legal profession.

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