The cloud-based law practice management platform Clio has raised its monthly subscription price by 47 percent, from $49 per attorney to $72 per attorney. For users who pay annually, the monthly price is now $65.

In addition, Clio has eliminated its lower subscription price for support staff. Previously, attorneys could add support staff for $24 a month. Now, support staff pay the same $72 or $65 per month that attorneys pay.

The change applies only to new customers. Current customers have been grandfathered at their current subscription price and will see no change.

This is Clio’s first price change in more than five years. Clio CEO Jack Newton said that the price change is necessary “in order to continue to deliver the quality and pace of product and service advancement that our customers expect.”

Last week, Clio rolled out its first major redesign of the application’s look and feel, using a responsive design that allows a consistent user experience across all types of devices. The update also included a revamp of data tables within the application, allowing for bulk actions and improved workflow. The update lays the groundwork for planned future improvements, Clio says.

How Its Pricing Compares

How do Clio’s new prices compare to other practice management platforms? Here is a quick survey of what some others charge.


$64 a month per user for the cloud version. (A solo attorney can use the on-premise version for free.)

LexisNexis Firm Manager

$44.99 a month for the first user then $29.99 a month for every additional user.


$39 a month per attorney and $29 a month for paralegals and staff.

Rocket Matter

$59.99 a month for the first user, then $49.99 a month for users 2-6. Users who pay quarterly save 10 percent off those prices, those who pay annually save 15 percent, and those who pay every two years save 20 percent.

Thomson Reuters Firm Central

$35 a month per user. The optional time-and-billing component is an extra $25 a month per user. (For more on Firm Central pricing, see my ABA Journal column.)

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  • Man, I totally understand why they need to increase prices somewhat, but the double-whammy of increasing attorney subscriptions by (about) 50% and staff by 150% may actually price a lot of users out of Clio’s system. Sadly, I may also have to reconsider my review wherein I ranked them best service to use between Clio, Rocket Matter and MyCase.

  • Tucker Clagett

    My small firm (5 attys) was all set to go clio in March, after 3 months of planning and research. The price change really caught me by surprise. I cannot justify the cost and it is WAY more expensive than competitors now. We are probably going with Mycase or Rocketmatter now. Sorry Clio. Bad business decision.

  • Jack Newton said that the price change is necessary “in order to continue to deliver the quality and pace of product and service advancement that our customers expect.”

    No, he has to pay Clio’s army of support staff, which must mean the product is extremely difficult to use.

  • Bob, thanks for the post. The community as a whole has been very understanding and appreciative of why we’ve taken the steps of changing our pricing structure.

    Tucker, thanks for choosing Clio. If the new pricing is a barrier, get in touch with us and we’ll work out something you’re happy with.

  • I’d like to submit an additional price comparison. Time59 is time and billing for lawyers priced at $99.95 / year for unlimited use. Time59 is strictly a time and billing solution and it does not offer calendaring, document assembly or collaboration.

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  • Bradley Ball

    CLIO Buyer Beware! At the end of my trial period, I prepaid for one year in advance ($1,800+). This was on Friday. Over the weekend, I discovered some things that I could not make work with our processes. Cancelled on Monday and requested a refund. Offered to pay for a month. Response: NO REFUND!

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  • Mark M

    I’ve practiced law for almost 30 years. A year ago, after testing several other options, I chose Clio for my office. Now, after a full year of use, running seven licenses, entering and reviewing thousands of time entries, and creating dozens of client bills and reports on Clio, I love it. Clio’s timekeeping, reporting and billing customization features and functionality are excellent. For my practice, Clio is an amazing value. And no, I don’t work for Clio and I’ve never met anyone from Clio.

  • michael

    i use for my practice and love it