When I first reviewed TheFormTool in 2012, I called it smart, simple document assembly. My opinion has not changed. TheFormTool is an add-on to Microsoft Word that makes it easy to create document templates and generate documents using those templates. The basic version of TheFormTool was then and still is completely free. Even the more feature-packed Pro version is a bargain at a one-time cost of $89. The company’s database-driven Doxserá software is for creating multiple or repetitive documents and costs $129 a year.

Today, TheFormTool is announcing a new product line, a series of collections of what it is calling “intelligent forms.” These are form templates for various areas of law practice that are compatible with TheFormTool Pro and Doxserá and that are fully editable and customizable by the lawyer.

In other words, they eliminate the first step of using TheFormTool, which is having a form. These suites would be most useful to lawyers who have not already developed their own form sets or who are moving into a new area of law practice.

Launching today is the initial suite of forms, Elder Law — Preparing for Disabilities. It consists of 26 forms comprising 57 pages and more than 1,300 fully automated variables, the company says. (Follow that link to see a full list of the forms in the suite.) Coming May 15 will be the second suite in the series,

Coming May 15 will be the second suite in the series, Business Law — Company Formation and Operations. It will consist of 46 documents comprising 341 pages.

Thereafter, the company plans to release one or two subject-specific suites each month. Each library will include a free sample form that you can download and try.

The price for a lifetime license to the elder law forms is $285. The price for the business law suite is $465.

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  • Steve Gethin

    This looks good. I am using XpressDox and ZumeForms, which enable documents to be created over the web, although require too much coding for conditional text. I am going to buy Doxsera just for its clause bank feature, you could pay $1000 plus for a package that just did that. Also, I am keen to see whether conditionality can be added with minimal coding. if so, and they make this web-deployable, this could be the doc assembly package of choice.

    • Bob Christensen

      Steve — Doxserá really is incredible, almost like watching magic being performed (and this from one who gets to watch from backstage). You will enjoy doing Conditionals, whether simple or extraordinarily complex. But, as an add-in to Word for Windows, Doxserá is not web-deployable. For us, that functionality is down the road, though not as far as it once was. Our next product up will be Doxserá DB, a database-oriented version using TheFormTool’s decisioning engine, and just as easy to use as its siblings.

      • Steve Gethin

        Bob, I would do the web interface sooner rather than later if I was you. The future of legal practice (or at least a significant track of it) is very much the ability of clients to order documents directly over web interfaces, even including lawyers inserting document creation pages in their clients’ own intranets. (e.g. the client makes up its standard sales contracts from a page on its own intranet, but the template is kept up-to-date seamlessly by its lawyer) If you don’t believe me, just ask Robert! I’m happy to work with you on this if you are interested as I have been trialling web document creation interfaces for a year or so now and have a good idea of exactly what features are required to make them lawyer and client friendly. If you want to talk off channel pls email me at (Robert, hope I’m not breaching protocols here, if so my apologies).

        • Bob Ambrogi

          Not breaching protocols at all! It’s a good discussion and you raise good points.

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  • The program seems great, but I am a WordPerfect user