Stanford Law School’s Journal of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties has published a special issue, A Lawyer’s Guide to Activism, Resistance, and Change Under Trump.

“The focus of this edition is the role that law students and lawyers can play in protecting rights, liberties, and a healthy environment under a new president whose statements as a candidate and early actions indicate a significant retrenchment from gains made in these areas over the last several decades,” writes Diane T. Chin, associate dean for public service and public interest law, in the issue’s foreword.

The issue contains five articles, all written by members of the Stanford Law School faculty:

  • Resistance and Immigrants’ Rights, by Jayashri Srikantiah, professor of law and director of the Immigrants’ Rights Clinic.
  • An Environmental Call to Action by Deborah A. Sivas, professor of environmental law and director of the Environmental and Natural Resources Law and Policy Program.
  • Addressing Criminal Justice Challenges During A Trump Administration, by Ralph Richard Banks, professor of law.
  • Reproductive Justice, by Deborah L. Rhode, professor of law and director of the Center on the Legal Profession.
  • Human Rights, National Security, and the Role of Lawyers in the Resistance, by Shirin Sinnar, professor of law.

One of the journal’s two editors-in-chief, Fares Akremi, said in a Facebook post that the editors were inspired to produce the issue in the wake of the election. “We decided to publish a special edition of our journal after the inauguration, channeling some of the incredible wisdom of our world-class Stanford faculty to a wider audience,” he wrote.

In her foreword, Chin says: “In the essays that follow, the authors highlight current pressing issues related to this historical moment, their concerns about what may occur in key policy and legal areas, and their perspectives on how law students and lawyers can bring to bear their skills to protect hard fought gains, to help sustain organizations that are pivotal to the fights ahead, and to ensure that there is a pipeline of advocates who will be able to support communities and causes at risk under the Trump Administration.”

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