If you missed today’s Twitter chat, “Attachment Issues: Ethics of Client Communications for Lawyers,” here is the embedded version. I think this stays live only for a few days, so if you’re interested in reading through it, do it soon.

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  • Richard Pressley

    What exactly constitutes as “reasonable” steps for protecting client information? Who is the “reasonable” person, that we see so often in personal injury cases?

    Is it something a typical juror would do? If that’s the case, using no encryption, having no Wi-Fi password and using “1234” as your phone’s password would constitute “reasonable” steps of electronic security.

    Or maybe “reasonable” should be defined by what a tech person would do? Maybe someone who works for the NSA? If that’s the case, practically every lawyer would be risking malpractice. What’s the ideal “balance” of security and practicality?