In a recent post here, I wrote about LAWCLERK, a legal services marketplace where solo and small-firm attorneys can hire freelance lawyers for short-term projects, and its integration with the practice management platform Clio. With the Clio Cloud Conference coming up this week, LAWCLERK has introduced a new feature that allows firms to rehire favored freelancers.

As my prior post explained in more detail, law firms use LAWCLERK to solicit freelance lawyers to help with specific projects. Firms post project descriptions, freelancers apply, and firms choose from among the applicants. But if a firm liked a particular freelancer, the platform did not allow it to request that same freelancer for a subsequent project.

Now, LAWCLERK is adding a new “Build a Team” feature that allows firms to designate favored freelancers. At the completion of a project, the firm will be able to mark the freelancer as a member of its “team.”

The next time the firm posts a project, it can choose to post it to the entire LAWCLERK roster or only to a specific member of its team. If the team member is unable to do the project, the firm can reassign the project to another member of its team or post it to the full roster.

For anyone attending the Clio conference this week, LAWCLERK will be in attendance, demonstrating this feature and its Clio integration.