How do solo and small-firm lawyers use technology in their practices? Hoping to provide some small insight into this, I recorded a series of 18 interviews with lawyers, asking them about the technologies and products they use in their work.

All 18 interviews were recorded over the course of a single day at the Law Firm 500 conference, held in Lake Las Vegas, Nev., in October 2018. Lawyers attending the conference volunteered to be interviewed. The videos were unscripted and I knew virtually nothing about the lawyer before we turned on the cameras.

For an introduction to the series, see this post. A special thanks to Law Firm 500 for hosting us to record these videos, and to Ben Ambrogi for the videography and editing.

In this episode, I speak with criminal defense lawyer Kim Benjamin, Esq., founder of Missouri DWI & Criminal Law Center, Kansas City, MO. She specializes in DUI/DWI and license suspension cases.

A year ago, Benjamin converted her entire firm from PCs to Macs. Among the products Benjamin talks about are: Clio for practice and document management; Apptoto for client text messaging; Your Firm App for client communications and calendaring; Parallels, which she uses for viewing Windows-based dashcam videos on a Mac; and Tali, for voice time tracking.

One interesting policy in Benjamin’s firm: no email communications with clients. Instead, she uses secure messaging through other applications.