Back in LawNext Episode 48, I traveled to Toronto to record a live interview with the founders of the AI-driven legal research platform ROSS Intelligence, CEO Andrew Arruda and CTO Jimoh Ovbiagele, in which they discussed the company’s rise from startup in 2014 to a more mature and established company.

In this second interview recorded in Toronto, we take a deep dive into the artificial-intelligence technology that drives the ROSS legal research platform. For this interview, CTO Ovbiagele returns, joined this time by Stergios Anastasiadis, head of engineering at ROSS. They discuss why they believe ROSS’s AI technology is unique, how they see AI changing the legal industry, and what’s ahead for ROSS and AI in law.

Ovbiagele is a computer scientist who was one of the three original founders of ROSS in 2014, when it emerged out of a cognitive-computing competition at the University of Toronto. Anastasiadis is a computer scientist who joined the company earlier this year to lead the further refinement and development of the product. Formerly, he was the director of engineering at Shopify and engineering manager at Google.


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