We live in an age in which how we buy a good or service matters as much as what we buy. The success of companies such as Amazon, Starbucks, Uber and Netflix has less to do with what they sell than with how they sell it.

They have changed the experience of how we consume, making it so you can get what you want, quickly and easily and in a way that you understand.

We all get this when it comes to buying new headphones on Amazon or booking a rental on Airbnb. But for some reason, many legal professionals still do not get that this applies to them, as well – to the services they deliver and to the experience they provide in delivering those services.

In his new book, The Client-Centered Law Firm: How to Succeed in an Experience-Driven WorldJack Newton, cofounder and CEO of the practice management company Clio, argues there is enormous opportunity for firms to thrive by melding the legal services they already offer with a better client experience.

And for firms that want to pursue that opportunity, the book provides a roadmap. As Newton describes it, “This book is both a rallying call for a tectonic shift in the legal industry and a handbook for becoming a client-centered law firm.”

In my column this week at Above the Law, I have a full review of the book. Check it out here.

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