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ASG LegalTech, a portfolio company composed of four popular legal practice products — PracticePanther, Bill4Time, MerusCase and Headnote — today introduced a new brand for itself, Paradigm, to better represent how the company views itself, its customers and its plans for moving forward.

In a special episode of LawNext recorded in advance of today’s announcement, I discussed the rebrand and the reasons for it with Soumya Nettimi, CEO of Paradigm, and Colin Li, chief growth officer of Paradigm.

“When people hear the word paradigm, they typically think of paradigm shift. and with that, what we want to communicate with our rebrand is that our mission is to fundamentally shift the standard for legal technology,” Nettimi said on the podcast.

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My LawNext podcast features conversations with the “innovators and entrepreneurs who are driving what’s next in law.” But in 2020, “what’s next” was anybody’s guess.

In this list of the 10 LawNext episodes that were most popular during 2020, it may be little surprise that my April interview with legal futurist Richard Susskind was the

Jules Miller knows what it is to be a legal tech entrepreneur. She is a three-time founder, twice of legal tech companies: Hire an Esquire in 2012 and Evolve Law in 2015. Now a partner in venture capital firm Mindset Ventures, she is leading her firm’s expansion into legal tech investing, most recently with

Dan Broderick believes businesses waste billions in repetitive work reviewing and negotiating semantically similar contracts. As a former lawyer, he saw the problem first-hand. It led him to found BlackBoiler, whose AI-based technology automates the review and mark-up of inbound contracts right in Word’s Track Changes. 

This week, BlackBoiler announced two new U.S.