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Touting it as the next phase in its global expansion to transform the business of law, Big Four professional services firm Deloitte has launched its Legal Business Services practice in the United States, which it describes as “a comprehensive suite of legal management consulting and technologically-enabled legal managed services for corporate legal departments designed to

Here’s one that gets a bit meta. Back in November 2017, LawNext host Bob Ambrogi spoke at BYU Law School about a lawyer’s ethical duty to be technologically competent. The talk prompted the school to explore ways it could help students improve their technological abilities. What resulted was the school’s Legal Technology Initiative, a

At BYU Law in Provo, Utah, a first-of-its-kind technology platform is enabling legal researchers to explore the meanings of legal words and phrases by examining the contexts in which they historically were used. The Law and Corpus Linguistics platform enables users to examine large collections of historical texts to help determine, for example, what

Earlier today, I reported on a new product launched by LinkSquares, the Boston-based provider of AI-powered contract management and analysis technology for corporate legal departments. Called LinkSquares Finalize, it extends the company’s technology into the pre-signature stage, helping its customers create and approve contracts more quickly and efficiently.

This news comes just three months