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A Handy App for Bankruptcy Lawyers


A recently released iPhone and iPad app designed for bankruptcy lawyers, Bankruptcy II, describes itself as a “complete reference for the working bankruptcy attorney.” It is an overstatement to call it complete, because it does not have cases. Aside from that, however, it has pretty much everything else a bankruptcy lawyer could ask for…

On the Language of Death: Tiptoing through the Tulips


Back when I was a young journalism student, I handed in a story that said someone had “passed away.” My journalism professor nearly … well … killed me. “Pass away,” he bellowed, “is a weak euphemism used by those who let their discomfort with death get in the way of their reporting on it.” …

New Site for Sharing Legal Documents


I received an e-mail yesterday informing me of the launch of ExampleMotion, a Web site where lawyers can share — or even sell — pleadings, motions and other legal documents. Here is what the e-mail says: enables attorneys to share their pleadings and motions with one another online. Attorneys can log onto the