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Casetext today is rolling out three major updates to its legal research platform. One is an updated design and architecture to make the site faster, cleaner and easier to use. But it is the other two updates that I want to focus on, because, in combination, they dramatically enhance the results you receive when performing […]

On Monday, I blogged about the launch by ROSS Intelligence, the AI-based legal research platform, of EVA, a free product that analyzes briefs and performs various functions, including determining whether the cases they cite are still good law. After hearing about EVA, the folks at Casetext — who have their own brief analyzer, CARA — challenged ROSS […]

Every legal researcher has come across the phrase in a judicial opinion, “It is well settled that …,” or, “It is axiomatic that …” In 2014, I wrote about a prototype legal research website that mined opinions for instances of these phrases and made them searchable as a way of helping researchers find statements of […]

The legal research company Casetext has introduced a feature that monitors an attorney’s litigation dockets for briefs and memoranda from opposing counsel and then automatically delivers a report of case law that is relevant but not included in the document. The feature uses Casetext’s legal research assistant CARA, an analytical tool that automatically finds cases that are […]

Fresh on the heels of Casetext’s legal research assistant CARA being named new product of the year, Casetext is today introducing an expansion of CARA that adds briefs to its suggested results. This means that, in addition to finding relevant — but possibly overlooked — case law, CARA also finds relevant briefs. Casetext is calling this new feature […]

I happened to catch this picture of Arredondo at work during a visit last week to the Casetext offices. Every year at its annual meeting, the American Association of Law Libraries presents an award for the new product of the year. This week, it announced that this year’s honoree will be Pablo Arredondo, vice president […]

Jake Heller, founder and CEO, and Laura Safdie, chief operating officer and general counsel. The legal research service Casetext is announcing today that it has closed on a $12 million Series B funding round. Excluding e-discovery companies, it is one of the largest investments in a legal technology startup ever. The only two larger that I could […]

The legal research service Casetext is unveiling a new service today that automatically finds cases that are relevant to legal memoranda and briefs. With this unveiling, Casetext, which has been free to use ever since its 2013 launch, is also preparing to roll out its first paid subscription tiers for premium services, while keeping basic […]

Casetext is on a journey. And it just took another big step along the path. The journey is to develop a free legal research platform that is as robust and useful as a paid site. The big step is a new case-reading page that adds features that make it easier to quickly understand what a […]

The WeCite leaderboard.In a recent post, I wrote about Casetext’s new initiative to use crowdsourcing to help build out its WeCite citator service. Its idea was to turn it into a game with law students as the primary players. As I explained then, all someone has to do to participate is read the relevant sections […]

Some of the week’s legal technology news: Email Integration in Firm Manager.  LexisNexis Firm Manager, a practice-management platform aimed at one- and two-lawyer firms, this week added email integration. The integration enables users to have their emails and attachments automatically saved with the associated client matter. “If an attorney emails an engagement letter or strategy […]