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A Second State Moves Closer to Mandating Technology Training for Lawyers


In 2016, Florida became the first state to mandate technology training for lawyers, when it adopted a rule requiring lawyers to complete three hours of CLE every three years “in approved technology programs.”

So far, no other state has followed suit. But now one has moved a giant step closer to following in Florida’s footsteps.…

Update to Lawline’s App Enhances CLE on iPhones, iPads


The CLE provider Lawline recently rolled out enhancements to its iOS app, adding the ability to view synchronized presentation slides as you listen to a program, to download the program’s written materials, and to add s0-called SmartNotes, which are notes that adhere to the point in the presentation where you added them.

Lawline first…

After 65 Years, ALI and ABA Get a Divorce


Well this is interesting. For as long as I’ve been a lawyer, the name ALI-ABA has been synonymous with high-quality continuing legal education. Now, after 65 years together, ALI and ABA are going their separate ways. ALI gets custody of the kids.

Here’s the announcement that went out this week from…

Watch CLE Video on Your Mobile Phone


The online CLE provider has launched a mobile-enhanced website that allows all of its more than 300 video CLE programs to be viewed on most mobile phones and smartphones. While it is not the first to provide audio of CLE through a mobile phone, it is the first to make it…

Debate on Future of Law Firm Business Model


I am attending a debate in New York City tomorrow, Dec. 3, entitled “Evolution or Revolution? The Future of the Law Firm Business Model.” I plan to live-tweet during the debate and later to sum it up in a blog post.

The program is sponsored by LexisNexis and features a stellar line-up of panelists:…