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Thomson Reuters – the company that owns Westlaw – has been beefing up its coverage of legal affairs in recent years, with reporting and commentary available through the Thomson Reuters News & Insight website. As part of this push into enhanced legal coverage, the company recently launched a new offshoot devoted to covering the Supreme […]

FindLaw and are among the most highly trafficked lawyer directories and consumer-facing legal sites. Now it appears that both are taking steps to beef up their coverage of legal news — no doubt in order to further beef up their traffic. First came the announcement from in September that it had hired well-known […]

I received an e-mail yesterday informing me of the launch of ExampleMotion, a Web site where lawyers can share — or even sell — pleadings, motions and other legal documents. Here is what the e-mail says: enables attorneys to share their pleadings and motions with one another online. Attorneys can log onto the site […]

Search giant Google is about to declare war on Internet Explorer and Firefox with the release of its own open-source browser, called Chrome. A beta version will be available tomorrow morning. For more details, read this PC Magazine piece or this comic book overview written by Chrome’s developers.

Thanks to the weather in Boston, American Airlines is treating me to an extra night in St. Croix. If you need to be stuck somewhere, this is the place. I was here to speak at the annual meeting of the Virgin Islands Bar Association. This was the bar’s first CLE program since instituting mandatory CLE […]