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A federal judge in Georgia has ordered Public Resource to remove Georgia’s official statutes from its website, finding that the state of Georgia holds a valid copyright in them and that Public Resource’s publication was not fair use. This is the second loss this year for Public Resource in its efforts to make primary legal […]

It can be difficult to keep up with the folks at Public.Resource.Org and their efforts to put as much law as possible into the public domain. I’ve written before about their successes in putting caselaw in the public domain. The latest release,, publishes critical state and municipal public safety codes from all across the […]

Efforts by Justia and Public.Resource.Org to overturn Oregon’s claim of copyright in its statutes paid off today. Oregon’s Legislative Counsel Committee met this morning and voted unanimously to put the Oregon Revised Statutes in the public domain. Tim Stanley has the news. Background on the Oregon issue is available from Public.Resource.Org.

The launch of the Legal Information Institute at Cornell Law School in 1992 was the first giant step towards making legal information available to the public via the Internet. A year later, inspired by Cornell’s LII, the Canadian LII was born. Today, there are 14 Legal Information Institutes throughout the world. A new, 19-minute video […]

I’ve had several posts in recent months about various efforts to move caselaw into the public domain and, once there, to make it more accessible. I also had a recent article about this in Law Technology News, Online Legal Research Revolution. Now, some updates: IT Conversations interviews Carl Malamud, the man behind Public.Resource.Org and a […]

My post yesterday, Case Law Libre!, pointed to the registration-required Law Technology News version of the article. Today, posted it on the Legal Technology page, where no registration is required. Also, I heard today from Thomas Smith, the University of San Diego School of Law professor who serves as CEO of the experiment legal […]

My latest Web Watch column for Law Technology News magazine, Case Law Libre (free reg. required), looks at several recent projects to move case law into the public domain, from Public.Resource.Org to Alt-Law to PreCYdent. Here are the opening grafs: “Feb. 11, 2008 was a day that may forever change the course of online legal […]

The day we previewed here last week has arrived: The non-profit organization Public.Resource.Org today released 1.8 million pages of federal case law free of copyright or other restrictions, in a joint venture with Creative Commons. The release includes all Supreme Court cases and all Courts of Appeals decisions from 1950 on. According to the press […]

I reported here in November that 1.8 million pages of federal case law would go public early in 2008 through an agreement between Carl Malamud’s nonprofit organization Public.Resource.Org and the legal research company Fastcase. Today, Malamud said the release of those cases is scheduled for next week. The release will include all cases included with […]

I can barely keep up with the efforts of Carl Malamud and his to “liberate” government documents. (See 1.8M Pages of Federal Case Law to Go Public and More Government Docs to Go on Web.) The latest project: Recycle Your Used Pacer Documents!. PACER, of course, is the federal judiciary’s system for obtaining case […]

I wrote here in November about plans by Public.Resource.Org to publish 1.8 million pages of public-domain federal case law sometime this year and its goal of eventually creating a public-domain repository of all federal and state case law. More recently, in an article of mine published on, I singled out Public.Resource.Org and a similar […]