At Legaltech today, the cloud-based practice-management application Rocket Matter announced two new features: integration with QuickBooks Online and a fully integrated payment-processing system called Rocket Matter Payments. Both announcements were described as representing the start of a year-long initiative to dramatically boost its users’ profitability.

The QuickBooks integration will allow Rocket Matter users to synchronize

The cloud-based practice management platform Rocket Matter has announced that it now allows integration with Outlook email.

By installing a plugin in Outlook, users can associate a Rocket Matter case and billable time or costs with an email directly within Outlook. If an email has an attachment, the attachment will automatically be uploaded to Rocket Matter and be accessible through its web interface.
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The cloud practice management company Rocket Matter today rolls out a new “Evergreen Retainer” feature. The feature automatically invoices clients to replenish their retainers when their accounts fall below specified amounts.

Using this feature, the lawyer and client would agree on a minimum retainer and a replenishment point. After the client pays the initial retainer,

You’ve no doubt heard about Heartbleed, the security flaw that exposed personal information at many leading websites. The flaw was in OpenSSL, an open-source version of the SSL protocol that is used to encrypt transmissions between you and a website. The flaw created a vulnerability that could have exposed sensitive information. The vulnerability affected several leading Internet companies, including Google, Yahoo and Netflix.

It made me wonder how many companies that cater to the legal profession were affected. I’ve collected a bit of information here. If you know of others, please let me know or add a comment below. If you are unsure about whether a site was vulnerable, LastPass has a Heartbleed checker where you can enter a URL and sometimes get an answer. For a good overview of Heartbleed, see this New York Times Q&A, Aaron Street’s excellent Lawyerist post, or the Heartbleed site.
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2014-03-01 Rocket Matter GIS 1
As you begin to type a search, matching results are shown.

The cloud-based practice management platform Rocket Matter this week announced what it called “a complete overhaul” of its search functionality. Dubbed “Galactic Interdimensional Search,” it is Rocket Matter’s first major upgrade of its search feature since the product’s launch six