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LexisNexis has launched a beta version of its own Web search tool, called Lexis Web. Unlike general search sites such as Google, Lexis Web searches a more limited sphere of legal-oriented Web sites. The user guide says that the sites it searches have been selected and validated by the LexisNexis editorial staff, so that users […]

I wrote here in March about Searchme, a new search site, still in beta, that delivers results visually, showing pages rather than descriptions of pages. I learned today of two new features added to Searchme, one of which could be of particular use for research, presentations or any number of uses. This new feature is […]

A new search engine, Picollator, purports to search for images on the Web that match images you upload. It uses pattern recognition to look for matching visual objects in other images. In this way, it claims, is helps “find photos of people more easily than any existing text-based search system. You can simply upload a […]

I have been testing the beta version of a new search site that delivers results visually, showing pages rather than descriptions of pages. Called Searchme, it is by no means the first search engine to include images of matching Web pages within search results, but I have never seen one do it so smoothly and […]

My Web Watch column this month, Search on Steroids, profiles Collexis, a powerful new search tool making its way into the legal market. The review notes, “The company also is preparing to launch other legal products based on the same search platform, including databases of federal and state case law and U.S. patents. Both are […]

I wrote here in November about plans by Public.Resource.Org to publish 1.8 million pages of public-domain federal case law sometime this year and its goal of eventually creating a public-domain repository of all federal and state case law. More recently, in an article of mine published on, I singled out Public.Resource.Org and a similar […]

The founder of Wikipedia has set Jan. 7 as the launch date for his new search engine, Wikia, according to a report in The Washington Post. The site, which is already operating in beta, hopes to challenge search giant Google by distinguishing itself through four organizing principles: Transparency. Openness in how the systems and algorithms […]

Over the last several weeks, I’ve received several e-mails informing me that someone I know has requested my trust on Spock. Not knowing anything about it, I ignored them until I could find the time to investigate. Today I found the time — and I am impressed. Spock is a search tool for finding people. […] today launched a new search tool that allows more focused searching of legal sites than would a general search site such as Google, with the goal of delivering more relevant results. Called Quest, it provides the option of searching only the network of sites or a broader collection of legal Web sites […]

Google has for some time allowed you submit searches from your mobile phone via text messages, but now you can search Google Local from any phone via Google Voice Local Search. Just dial 1-800-GOOG-411 (1-800-466-4411) and a voice takes your query and reports the results. If you are on a mobile phone, you can also […]