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Two New Legal Networking Sites Launch


Any site that sets out to become an exclusive online community for lawyers has a tough row to hoe. Lawyers are happy enough with LinkedIn and Facebook and do not seem all that interested in legal-vertical sites. We saw the ABA’s social networking site, LegallyMinded, shut down

Survey: Judges Split on Their Use of Social Media


Forty percent of state court judges use social media profile sites, with the majority of them on Facebook. Even so, nearly half of judges strongly believe that they cannot participate professionally in social networking sites without compromising judicial ethics.

These are among the findings of fascinating survey conducted over the summer by the Conference

State Bar Associations on Facebook


I am in the process of researching how bar associations are using social media. Here is a list of state bar associations I have found with Facebook pages. Not included in this list are national and local bars. Please let me know of any state bars missing from this list. (Some of these links…

Bar Association Twitter Feeds


I have been researching how bar associations are using social media. One aspect of that is identifying bar associations with Twitter feeds. Here is what I have found so far. Please let me know of others. As you will see, some are active, some are not.…