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Frequency of First Amendment cases, 2003-2013. The New York Times today has a fascinating article documenting The Roberts Court’s Surprising Move Leftward. Reporters Alicia Parlapiano, Adam Liptak and Jeremy Bowers analyze the court’s decisions from 1946 to the present to conclude that this term could be among the court’s most liberal since 1969. The court’s leftward […]

Thomson Reuters – the company that owns Westlaw – has been beefing up its coverage of legal affairs in recent years, with reporting and commentary available through the Thomson Reuters News & Insight website. As part of this push into enhanced legal coverage, the company recently launched a new offshoot devoted to covering the Supreme […]

Supreme Court watchers usually set their sights on the first Monday in October. This year, however, they might want to pay attention to the last Monday in September. On Monday, the preeminent Supreme Court blog, SCOTUSblog, will unveil a new look and some new features. Tom Goldstein SCOTUSblog has long stood out to me as […] this week published my article, Get Your Free Case Law on the Web. No sooner did it appear than I received an e-mail from a reader questioning how several of the sites discussed in the article could claim to have U.S. Supreme Court cases from before there was a Supreme Court. In fact, they […]

There is now a Twitter feed for news from the U.S. Supreme Court. The blog Law Tech Review suggests that this feed comes directly from the court, which uses it to disseminate information about its latest activities. But I strongly doubt that the feed is from the court. If it is from the court, then […]

In honor of this first Monday in October, I have rounded up links to my previously posted items and columns that cover resources related to researching and tracking the Supreme Court. Column: August 2003: A Supreme Collection of High Court Resources. Blog posts: March 11, 2007: LII discontinues older RSS feed. Feb. 14, 2007: Justia […]

I’ve been so busy lately, I’ve neglected to plug the most recent episodes of my own podcast. So here is two weeks’ worth of Lawyer2Lawyer: First up: Supreme Court end of term. We look at last week’s key rulings and take the end-of-term pulse of the court with help from two guests: Tony Mauro, Supreme […]

As I mentioned in this 2005 article, The Power of RSS, Cornell’s Legal Information Institute has two RSS feeds for Supreme Court decisions, one for today’s decisions and another for recent decisions. But if you are using the RSS version 0.91 feed I linked to in that article, you’ll need to update your subscription. You […]

This week on our legal-affairs podcast Lawyer2Lawyer, we discuss the implications of the Supreme Court’s punitive damages decision, Philip Morris USA v. Williams for big business and big tobacco. Joining my cohost J. Craig Williams and I are Michael Gerhardt, professor of law at UNC School of Law; J. David Prince, professor of law at […]

Way back in July and August 2005, I wrote a series of posts here about what I called the aging core of FindLaw. In the first post of the series, I started with this: “FindLaw’s core is showing its age. Started in 1994 as an index of legal resources on the Internet, FindLaw used that […]

The Supreme Court last week began publishing special master reports on its Web site. Its announcement said: “Special Master reports are now being posted on the Supreme Court’s Web site. On the ‘Docket’ page of the Web site you will find a link titled ‘Special Master Reports.’ The Court will add reports as they are […]