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TheFormTool Releases Doxserá 2.0 Today

Document assembly and automation company TheFormTool today released version 2.0 of its document-assembly software Doxserá. First launched in January, Doxserá is a Microsoft Word plug-in that simplifies the creation of multiple or repetitive documents, such as when preparing a company formation or bankruptcy filing. Today's upgrade adds the ability for documents to "create themselves" by intelligently selecting external text or graphics from multiple external sources and incorporate them into customized final documents. Here is how the company describes it:

‘TheFormTool’: Smart, Simple Document Assembly


Wandering through the exhibition hall at ABA Techshow last week,  I’d ask friends I bumped into whether they’d seen any new products that interested them. Time and again, it seemed, the answer was the same: TheFormTool. TheFormTool is an add-in to Microsoft Word (2007 and later versions) that makes it extremely easy…