An Australian company called Legaler will be at ABA Techshow this week previewing its cloud platform that will enable lawyers to provide legal advice and consultations via video chat through a feature called LiveAdvice. The platform will also serve as a client portal for lawyer-client messaging, document sharing and

I don’t understand why lawyers think denigrating themselves and the profession is an effective marketing tool. Like the Nilan Johnson video I wrote about before, here is an attempt at humor that fails miserably. Lawyer as shakedown bully? Is that really the image this guy wants to present? I guess so, given this video and

How many lawyers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? That’s the joke behind a new marketing video from the Minneapolis law firm Nilan Johnson Lewis. But is the joke on the firm?

Here’s the set-up: In an office-building lobby, a maintenance worker uses a pole to reach into a ceiling fixture and