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WordRake, the editing and proofreading add-in for Microsoft Word and Outlook that is designed for lawyers and other professionals, released its version 3 yesterday. With more than 600 new editing algorithms and 900 enhancements to existing algorithms, WordRake 3 offers 25 percent more edits and even greater accuracy, according to a company announcement. Version 3 […]

Clio now integrates with Vonage VoIP phone services. Time to play catch-up on legal technology news and notes from the past few weeks: Take credit cards in MyCase. The practice management platform MyCase already has the ability to accept online payments directly from a client’s checking account. At the recent ABA Techshow, MyCase announced that […] is officially out of beta. I’m always making notes to myself about items to blog about here but never have time to get to them all. Today, therefore, I offer some brief mentions of items I think are worthy of mention. Lawyers and their hobbies. I just discovered Hsu Untied and I love it. […]

When WordRake , the editing program for lawyers, was first released in 2012, I put it to the test against two of the most eloquent writers on the Supreme Court, Justices Antonin Scalia and Elena Kagan. If WordRake could improve on Scalia and Kagan, I reasoned, imagine what it could do for the rest of us. […]

WordRake is a new editing program created specifically for lawyers. An add-on to Microsoft Word, it “rakes” your documents in search of unnecessary and obtuse words, suggesting edits to improve clarity and concision. It is the creation of Gary Kinder, a lawyer and writer whose 1998 book, Ship Of Gold In The Deep Blue Sea, […]